Dynamic, enjoyable, and adorned with floral patterns!

The striking juxtaposition of rich wood black and dolomite marbles yields a rejuvenated interpretation of the timeless black-and-white tile motif. With its intricate floral motif at the core and meticulous incorporation of black marble into leaf designs, the outcome is a captivating tile that seamlessly integrates with any environment, garnering approval from biophilic enthusiasts across all spaces


What happens when you blend the elegance of marble with intricate designs? You get our Micronesia marble mosaic tile collection. Every tile in this collection embodies opulence and boasts its own unique charm. The harmonious blend of artistry and enduring style makes it a must-have for bathroom backsplashes, kitchens, or feature walls. Take a closer look at Micronesia today and acquaint yourself with its exquisite details.

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Slate Design Project by Landmark

Slate Design Project is Landmark’s porcelain look inspired by natural slate, a sedimentary rock widely used in American architecture. The collection features two distinct surface personalities: one characterized by tone-on-tone graphics, and the other with intricate patterns and rich contrasting color backgrounds. Both are ideal for floors and walls, outdoor and indoor spaces, whether residential and commercial.

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