Light grey and warm golden veins flow through a white canvas echoing that timelessly beautiful marble look. This engineered stone is a harmonious fusion of different traces, tones and nuances that takes your breath away.

Pure distinction and exquisiteness.


Symphony slabs are available in 126 x 63-inch size and a thickness of 3/4 inch with a polished finish.


SIZE: 126 x 63 inch
THICKNESS: 3/4 inch


This pattern is designed following book matching, so two or more adjoining slabs have a mirroring effect, giving the impression of an opened book


Carmen embodies luxury and excellence.

Combining this design with natural materials such as wood, bamboo or soft textiles leads to a cozy, warm environment. It also fits in an industrial style with furniture in iron or steel.

Carmen goes beautifully with dark brown, black, deep blue, dark grey or golden tones. It works better with matte finish cabinets, so the prominence falls on the golden nuances and the polished finish of the engineered slab.

Give Carmen a lead role in your kitchens and bathrooms to create a sophisticated ambiance. It also works well on walls of larger rooms such as hotel receptions, halls or other commercial applications.


Materials and sustainability

Symphony surfaces are developed with our revolutionary 4R Technology, named after its four major pillars: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Respect.

By incorporating up to 70% of recycled materials, such as glass, Symphony EcoPress simplifies the manufacturing process, reduces the use of raw materials and improves the use of post-consumer content.

The use of recycled materials combined with a meaningful reduction in crystalline silica, means Symphony EcoPress has the lowest environmental impact among the other engineered stones in the market. In comparison to traditional quartz surfacing, the generated breathable crystalline silica is reduced up to 70%, contributing to a healthier work environment.

In addition, nearly 100% of the water required in the manufacturing process is reused.

Sustainability and a lower environmental impact are the path for us to follow. (Learn more)

Realistic look in all our surfaces

High-quality raw materials used in the manufacturing process and a 5D innovative printed technology gives Symphony EcoPress slabs a translucency equivalent to real marble, with no visible grains and better light reflection and brightness than any other existing engineered stone.

Symphony’s engineered stones achieves an unparalleled visual depth, sharpness and realistic details of each vein and delivers a smoother surface.

Care and maintenance

Symphony EcoPress requires very little maintenance to keep the surface looking its best. It is a non-porous material, therefore cleaning with a damp cloth and warm clear water is all that is required.

NEOS Technology protects Symphony surfaces against most common household chemicals and difficult stains. This high-performance technology produces a hybrid protectant with physical characteristics that resists staining, keeps surfaces clean and guards against everyday wear and tear. (Learn more)

Printing technology in Symphony surfaces

Symphony EcoPress slabs are printed with the revolutionary Nano-Ink Technology. A patented 5D nanotechnology which penetrates the surface delivering authenticity of colour and pattern. The fabrication process of Symphony slabs requires no changes in cutting techniques, consumable tooling, adhesives or handling of the material when compared to traditional quartz surfacing. (Learn more)


Symphony surfaces have 25 years limited residential warranty.

Furthermore, NEOS Tech provides a lifetime anti-stain warranty to all Symphony surfaces.

To activate your warranty, please click here.


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